Several Great Options for Persian Cat Pet Insurance

Several Great Options for Persian Cat Pet Insurance

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Industry statistics show that even though two-thirds of all households have pets, only 1% of those pets are covered by some type of health/medical insurance. What does this number indicate? Almost every pet is at risk of not having access to expert veterinary care, especially if the owners hesitate to seek that care because of the cost.

With good insurance on your family pet, you can be reimbursed about 80% of vet costs on average. This can be a significant amount, considering that you might spend $200 to $300 for a routine visit to the veterinarian. Costs will depend on the pet’s age and overall condition, of course. Emergency care can cost thousands of dollars. With this in mind, pet insurance is certainly worth considering.

Persian Cat

This breed of cat is valued for its calm demeanor and affectionate nature, making it a popular breed for an inside-the-house pet. A healthy Persian can live 10 years or longer, some up to 18 years. However, they do have a few genetic tendencies in the health area, such as kidney disease, progressive retinal atrophy, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

If you haven’t provided Persian Cat pet insurance for your family pet, you might want to do two things: talk to your vet about these issues, and then learn more about dependable insurance. As you gather information from the website of a leader in this field, keep in mind that you are not doing this strictly for financial reasons.

Though this is a major consideration, it’s also a way to give yourself peace of mind, knowing you can get your beautiful cat to the veterinarian without worrying about expense. Your cat receives the treatment that it needs, and you can think about cost after the fact. If your pet remains relatively healthy for many years, you will have only the continuing expense of the premium, which is always reasonable and affordable.

Start Now

You can get started today by making sure that you have the basic information ready, such as name, breed, and age, of course. But you’ll also want to have details on pre-existing conditions and contact information for your veterinarian. As you browse the website, you’ll find that you have several options, including accidental-injury cover that reimburses most of the expense for treatment after injury due to accident.

Another option you might consider for your Persian Cat is accidental injury and illness cover, which also reimburses a major portion of the treatment cost. However, this policy covers injury and illness. When you make your selection here, you can also select an “excess per condition.” If you have questions, be sure to call and talk to a representative.

The leading providers of pet insurance also offer major-medical pet insurance, which offers the same cover as accidental injury and illness, but also includes protection for routine care. Take some time to gather the information that you need about the various options, and, again, if you have questions about which will work best for you, don’t hesitate to call and talk to a knowledgeable representative.

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