Safeguard Your Sensitive Business Data When Selling or Recycling Used Cell Phones and Tablets

Safeguard Your Sensitive Business Data When Selling or Recycling Used Cell Phones and Tablets

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Enterprises have started to depend on tablets and smartphones for his or her day-to-day business and therefore cellular devices contain a good amount of personal information. As companies and organizations upgrade towards the newest wireless devices, every single day a large number of used cellular devices are now being replaced and firms risk unintentionally compromising private internal information contained on these units.

When selling used wireless devices, organizations must make sure their mobile data remains secure. Otherwise correctly processed, the non-public company data contained on these iPhones, Androids and BlackBerrys might be uncovered. Companies have to implement a proper and secure way of recycling outdated tablets and smartphones that won’t only safeguard their telecom budgets but additionally their sensitive information.

Work just with cell phone buyback and recycling firms that are e-Stewards®, R2 certified and apply third-party forensic auditors to validate data deletion processes. This ensures the recycler adheres towards the greatest data deletion procedures.

Read your cell phone buyback and recycling partner’s conditions and terms. Although a lot of recyclers declare that they securely remove data, most accept no responsibility for data deletion and condition that it’s the sole responsibility from the device’s owner. Make sure to sell your wireless devices to some certified company that guarantees specific mobile data wiping processes, quality assurance practices, facility security, worker screening policies and insurance.

Make use of a cell phone buyback and recycling company that tests for active phone lines. Accidentally retiring devices that also have service plans leads to a serious security risk because of ongoing data transmissions. Additionally, it frequently results substantial financial losses because of unnecessary carrier service charges. Make sure your wireless recycling partner includes active line testing in their services and they give a complete listing of devices (with phone figures) which are found active.

Don’t trust third-party software with data deletion. Frequently, human error occurs throughout the deletion process and insufficient data wiping software doesn’t clean the phones of all of the private information. Additionally, despite resetting a tool to factory settings, applications and hidden menus still remain that contains sensitive data, including owner contact information, passwords and pin figures. An believed 95 % of used cell phones and devices still contain important data, although the organizations declare that they required the steps needed to delete all pertinent information. Be sure your mobile buyback and recycling company has rigorous processes in position to permanently take away the data on every device in addition to secondary quality assurance testing.

In case your company includes a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy in position, ensure your business partners having a reliable wireless buyback and recycling company to make sure the employees discarding their used devices safely and responsibly. There are many less-than-trustworthy consumer buyback firms that offer little assurance of information security and re-sell used devices on eBay, Craigslist along with other online sites. A number of these buyback companies operate in united nations-secure structures (even home garages) and don’t conduct security checkpoints or worker background screenings. Furthermore, most of these websites either directly or not directly ship damaged devices and accessories into landfills within the U.S. or overseas. Locating a secure mobile buyback and recycling partner which will compensate the employees for safeguarding your sensitive data and also the atmosphere is crucial to keeping the sensitive data from the wrong hands and protecting your corporate status and brand.

If you are unable to update your software, please click here. It can be very harmless. There are many programs that can help you overwrite the data. Programs are easily available for highest level of private company financial data security.     

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