How to Apply for a Business or Personal Loan

How to Apply for a Business or Personal Loan

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For funding or financing your personal or professional requirements that require quick liquidity, bank loans are the easiest and safest options available at hand.

Nature of loan

The loan needed can be for personal or business use. Personal loans can be taken for buying a car, houseor land or even for education and jewelry for that matter.

Business loans can be taken for setting up a business, buying stock or even for recovery of pending invoices.

You can apply for a loan in multiple ways. Let’s have a look.

Directly through your existing bank

Getting a loan from your existing bank is easier as they are aware of your credit history as well as monthly income sources, and as a loyal customer they might provide a competitive rate of interest on the loan.Online

Nowadays you can apply for a loan online through companies like Argent Direct.They will file for the loan on your behalf and you only have to provide bare minimum details and not even bother telling them the purpose of the loan.


Multiple banks offer short to medium to long-term loans depending on your requirement. You can choose the bank for borrowing based on the rate of interest that needs to be paid, as well the terms and conditions attached to the repayment of loan.

Requirements for qualification of loan

Successful and fast processing of the application for a loan depends on a host of factors. Making sure you have the below things in place will help in speedy processing and disbursement of your loan.Credit rating: Based on your banking history, your credit score and rating are determined. This is nothing but a measure of how good you have been in the past with the repayment of your credit. For availing short-term loans, one should have a credit score of at least 550+.

Monthly salary:Your fixed source of monthly income is a very important factor that the banks will see when you apply for a loan. This factor is very important for the banks from non-default repayment point of view.

Age of the applicant: Young working applicants will be more likely to have their loans processed faster than older people nearing retirement.

Value of loan:Depending on the amount that has been applied for, the scrutiny of the documents submitted would be stringent or lenient.

In today’s world applying for a loan is not a big deal anymore. If your banking history is clean, then there is no reason why you should have any difficulty in getting your loan sanctioned from the bank.

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