How Document Imaging Can Be Beneficial to Small Businesses

How Document Imaging Can Be Beneficial to Small Businesses

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Document imaging increase efficiency, cuts down costs, and facilitate customer service and collaboration within the organization. Turning paper documents into electronic files can be particularly beneficial to small businesses. Small businesses have a considerable amount of paperwork that needs to be stored and retrieved at any point in time. Such papers may include tax forms, receipts, product deliveries HR documents, amongst others. This is how electronic files from paper documents can help small businesses.

Manage Files and Cut Costs

Small businesses have fewer staff even in departments where paperwork often accumulates. It gets to a point where simple paper filing and retrieval becomes virtually impossible. It is estimated that it can take up to 37 minutes to retrieve one file.

Document imaging creates electronic documents that can be accessed from a variety of digital devices. Workflows can be automated to reduce the time staff takes to walk back and forth trying to locate paper documents. Most importantly you’ll be reducing data entry time and simplifying the process of filing and retrieval.

Facilitate Collaboration

Small businesses often require the services of suppliers, contractors, designers, and other skilled personnel and organizations to ensure their businesses are running smoothly. Paper documents are difficult to retrieve.  A lot of time can be wasted trying to locate important information.

A DOCMSYS system uses specialized software to ensure that the data from the files are organized in an easy to retrieve manner. You can retrieve documents based on different criteria such as file number, date, document type, etc. Web-based cloud applications are making storing and retrieving these documents faster and safer.

Improve Customer Service

In the information age we are living in today, customers expect to get information when they request it. In a traditional file system retrieval of information is slow and this can have a significant impact on customer service.

A document imaging system from a document managing service San Diego can dramatically change the capacity for a small business to deliver to its customers at a relatively low cost. The electronic documents are sorted by a specialized software to ensure information such as invoicing files, customer inquiries, and shipping information are always readily available when needed.

Enhanced Security

While electronic documents can be lost, especially if they are not backed up, paper documents are much more prone to different types of disasters. The integrity of all your paper files can be compromised in case of a fire, flood, earthquake or any other catastrophic events.

Having electronic copies of the documents can help to ensure that staff, supplier, and customer information is not lost. Copies of these documents can be stored in a cloud so that in case of a catastrophe they can be accessed from any workstation with access within your organization.

There may be initial costs associated with setting up a document imaging system. However, new technologies have reduced the costs further over the years. Additionally, there are many benefits of document imaging that make it worthwhile for your business both in the short and long term.

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