Clean-Cut Styles Lead to Crisp, Clean Results

Clean-Cut Styles Lead to Crisp, Clean Results

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Designing an office workspace can be tricky because you are not only designing for yourself but the entire company. You don’t want to go with a design that does not agree with someone on your team and you definitely don’t want any decoration to cause distraction from the work that is taking place. On the other side, you also want to make sure that the work environment that you create comes with a little inspiration for your team so that they can be excited to go to work and get things started.

You would be surprised how much your mood ties to the space that you’re in. If you try to do work in a room that feels too cosy, then you may end up just feeling sleepy and unmotivated; however, if you try the same thing in a room that is too sterile or unwelcoming, you won’t get a great effect either. Finding that middle balance is key to cracking the code to the perfect office décor.

Making Sure Your Workers Are All Set

Above all else, you want to make sure that your office is completely functioning and practical. This means that all residents of your office have a spaces that they feel they can complete their job and the tools they need to do it. One of the main things that you want to be sure to provide to everyone in your office are simple desks that they can each make their own, depending on what tools they need.

You want to start with a pretty neutral option, such as white office desks from Andrews Office Furniture, so that you are just offering the base of what they need and then they can take care of their own personal touches and decorations. White is also a great colour for all furniture so that everything looks tidy and uniform. It also promotes an uncluttered space and uncluttered thinking.

Outside the Office

Beyond the main office space where everyone is working, you will also want to carry on your office renovations to keep the team comfortable and happy. One space that they will use everyday is the break area where they can grab a quick snack, lunch, or cup of tea. While the main working office is crisp neutrals and clean lines, this is where you want to make things a bit more comfortable.

You are still in a work environment so you’ll want to keep the wall paint clean and neutral but maybe mix up the furniture by adding comfier seating options so that people can relax. Add a bit of relaxing colours such as cool blues and purples, maybe even some fresh greens to bring the feeling of being in a light and airy environment rather than a stuffy office.

Creating the perfect workspace is truly an investment into your business and the more you put into it, the more you will get out.

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