Canadian Car Import Regulations

Canadian Car Import Regulations

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Domestic travel between the United States and Canada is usually pretty simple.  If you think you might want to move from the United States to Canada, though, you need to understand that the process is far more complicated.  Obviously this is true of moving internationally in any way, but it catches many people by surprise when planning a move to Canada; probably because travel between the US and its northern neighbor is quite easy.

The moving process becomes even more complicated if you are planning to bring your car from the US to Canada.  There are many Clearit customs brokerage regulations you have to follow in order to do this properly.

Importing A Car from the US to Canada

Of course, you are not an international importer but when you bring possessions of great value across an international border, the associated entities treat it as an import process. Thus, when you bring your car across the border from the US to Canada, it is much like an import.

If you want to bring your car to Canada, you need to have it inspected and certified by the Registrar of Imported Vehicles.  This ensures that your vehicle obeys all Canadian laws and regulations for operation on public roads. It will also inform you if you need any modifications to get your certification.

Are Some Vehicles Not Allowed in Canada?

Indeed, some vehicles are only allowed to cross the border into Canada on a temporary basis. This list includes:

  • A vehicle that has been lengthened or otherwise stressed from its original state
  • A vehicle built or put together by more than one manufacturer (and still has not met specific Canadian requirements)
  • A vehicle equipped/modified with a lift kit
  • A vehicle converted from two wheels to three wheels
  • A van which has been modified into a motorhome
  • A van with a modified raised roof
  • A van with an interior modification

You must realize that if you are travelling to Canada, that is a different story.  You only need to take these steps if you are bringing your vehicle to Canada permanently.

In addition, though, it is exceedingly important to recognize that not every vehicle can be imported into Canada.  Furthermore, if you bought your vehicle in any country other than the United States, there is a very good chance that you will not be able to permanently bring it to Canada without first performing modifications.

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