5 Tips to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency with Proven Results

5 Tips to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency with Proven Results

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Contrary to the in-house digital marketing teams, digital marketing agencies undertake projects from different clients and help them achieve their objectives in terms of online visibility, traffic, branding, search engine rankings, and conversions. They have far more experience as compared to the in-house teams working for businesses, because they work with a diverse range of clients and industries with different objectives and long term goals.

  1. Check client reviews
    You can easily differentiate an exceptional digital marketing agency from the competition. Apart from positive client reviews, they have impressive case studies to share. It would be even better if they also have a local office in your city, so you can collaborate with them on a personal level.
  1. Make sure they can quickly adapt to the changes

In SEO and digital marketing industry, basic practices keep on changing along with the industry trends and search engine policies. The concerned agency should be able to adapt to those changes. Look for proof that the agency has successfully adapted to those changes in past and incorporated it their approach.

  1. Go through their case studies
    Reviewing case studies are extremely important in order to assess the competitiveness and ability of a digital marketing agency to help their clients achieve their marketing goals. Have they really helped an organization increase their online visibility and traffic? Does the Analytics match with their action steps and strategy? Share the case study with a digital marketing expert and ask for their feedback.
  1. Ask for proven results and screenshots
    If possible, ask them to share the screenshots from Analytics pages – Whether it’s Google Analytics or some popular SEO tool. It will not only increase your confidence, but will also give you an understanding of how they work and approach things.
  1. Make sure their strategy is data driven
    What sets an agency apart from the competition is the way they leverage their knowledge and skills to achieve desired results. Most of the successful digital marketing agencies are data driven and they keep their clients in the loop if there is any change in their strategy.A change in strategy should be properly backed up by research data. SEO and PPC are just the means to achieve your desired objectives – but how you implement these tactics makes a big difference.

    Some of the agencies focus on long tail keywords first and when they successfully achieve rankings for them, they focus their attention to relatively short-tail keyword phrases with high-volume and high competition.

Final thoughts
So, before you shortlist a digital marketing agency in your area, just find out how many clients they are working with and how do they incorporate research data into their marketing campaigns. Case studies will definitely help you in taking final decision. You should also arrange a meeting or videoconferencing with your agency before you decide to hire them. Make sure that they pay attention to details, are customer friendly and flexible. Would you be able to work with them as far as your own vision and objectives are concerned?

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