3 Steps to Refreshing Your Branded Collateral For 2018

3 Steps to Refreshing Your Branded Collateral For 2018

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Change is the name of the branding game. Every year, there will be new techniques and branding tools for marketers to utilize, and it is imperative that they keep ahead of all the latest trends if they are to remain a step ahead of their competitors. Refreshing your branded collateral involves revising or changing certain visuals on your printed materials, like your look, logo, and colors. This can infuse your brand with a new sense of vitality and freshness when done right.

 Let’s look at what you need to do in order to refresh your branded collateral for the next year. Visit this link for more information on refreshing your marketing collateral.

Ask yourself if you need to refresh your marketing collateral

If collateral was created or updated within the last three months, you can probably assume it’s current and relevant. However, you should conduct a review of your collateral every three to six months, depending on your industry, as well as your internal processes. Make sure to review any contact information that may have changed.

Ensure your graphics are relevant and interesting

Graphics are an integral part of marketing collateral. And if there is one thing that can contribute greatly to your marketing pieces looking outdated, it’s graphics that are old or dull. Visuals and graphics are supposed to be interesting and enticing – they are what draw the viewer’s eye and make them potentially interested in your website.

It’s therefore vital that your graphics look modern and appealing enough to attract potential customers towards your business or website. As compelling as your message or content might be, it’s graphics that really pull the game together by highlighting your business solution and drawing in the viewer. Your images, therefore, need to be crisp and compelling. With new graphics, you can really freshen up the look and feel of your marketing collateral, and thus send a bracing message to your target audience. Select or create images with care and creativity.

Figure what content is still relevant enough to be kept around

There’s no need to throw out the baby with the bath water. Identify which information in your marketing collateral isn’t outdated so you can re-use it. Remember, the most important thing is that your message and brand remain relevant for your clients, so if they already resonate strongly with your voice and brand, don’t mess with it. Instead, look for content that does not fit with your message any more. After you identify what content doesn’t work anymore, figure out whether you should eliminate it entirely or replace it with fresher and more relevant content.

And remember to always stay consistent. Your new material should not simply be relevant, but also convey the same message and branding. Remember, your brand is what enables new and prospective customers to identify with you, so if you aren’t sending out a consistent message, you’re confusing them about who you are and what you deliver.

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